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Harvest Festival Service on the Farm

Sunday 4 October at 10.30am. Come and join us at Dollens Farm (by kind permission of Chris and Suzanne Legg) to celebrate and give thanks for the harvest. There will be a collection for Send-a-Cow, and donations of fresh produce will be sold after the service.

SYDLING ST NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL – Monday, 21 September 2015, at 7.00pm


A meeting of the above will be held in Sydling St Nicholas village hall on

Monday, 21 September 2015, at 7.00pm.


The meeting will begin with a Democratic Half Hour.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of Interest
  3. Minutes of previous meeting (27/7/15)
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
  5. Finance

5.1 Bank balances

5.2 Invoices and receipts

5.3 Defibrillator account

  1. Any Other Business
  2. Date of next meeting






Barn Dance

Barn Dance Poster for Web

SYDLING ST NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL – A meeting held on 27 July 2015


DRAFT Minutes of the meeting held on 27 July 2015


Members Present: Mr C Legg (Chairman), Mrs P Davies (Vice Chairman), Mr C Fowler, Mr M Hole,

Mrs V Letten, Mr A Newman, Mrs D Tucker


County councillor, Mrs Jill Haynes and district councillor Mrs Mary Penfold were also present, as well as Mrs Helen Baird for item 6.


Mrs Haynes said that she wished to encourage members of the public to complete the county council’s annual survey, which was available online and in the July edition of “Your Dorset”. This year the council was seeking views on the possible outsourcing of more services and also where essential services should be located.

She also reported that the trading company, which had been set up in conjunction with Bournemouth and Poole borough councils, was now operating in respect of Adult Services throughout the county.

In response to a question from the parish council, Mrs Haynes advised that grants for 2015/16 would be available to parish councils if they met the criteria for “Health and Wellbeing”.


Mrs Penfold reported that, following a number of serious accidents on the A37, additional safety measures were going to be put in place. These included double white lines on the road from Grimstone to the Somerset border; better management of roadside hedges; moving some road signs so that views of the road were not obstructed; and it was also hoped that a permanent speed camera could be placed at a suitable location along the road.

Mrs Penfold also asked for support from the parish council and members of the public for the introduction of a BBC radio service specifically for Dorset. The current Radio Solent service cannot be received in much of the county and there is very poor coverage of Dorset related issues.

Finally, Mrs Penfold advised that the forum between WDDC and farmers would take place this October.


  1. Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence.


  1. Declarations of interest

There were no declarations of interest.


  1. Minutes of previous meetings

The minutes of the meetings held on 18/5/15, 1/6/15, 8/6/15 (amended), and 13/7/15 were agreed and signed by the chairman.


  1. Matters arising from the minutes

Dog waste bin – The clerk had obtained costings from the Dorset Waste Partnership for the provision of a dog waste bin, to be provisionally located between April Cottage and Ham Farm. A 140 litre bin would cost £2.99 per fortnightly empty and the weekly rental charge would be 0.58p. It was agreed to obtain this service, subject to the landowner’s permission to site the bin on his property.

Play Area – overgrown hedge – the clerk had confirmed ownership of the hedge in question and would write to the relevant householders, to remind then of their responsibility to maintain their part of the hedge.



5.1 Bank balances

Treasurer’s account: £8375

Play Area account: £1764

5.2 Invoices and receipts

Cheques for the following were approved / signed at the meeting:

  • mower petrol: £65
  • hire of village hall: £75
  • audit: £00
  • DAPTC subscription: £95
  • clerk’s salary: £68
  • general insurance: £27
  • mower insurance: £00
  • play area inspection: £60

The following receipts were noted: £400.00 rent of Poor Lot; income from marathon: £441.00

5.3 Lloyds Bank signatories

It was agreed that only 4 parish councillors would be required to be signatories for the council’s bank accounts. The clerk would make arrangements for these to be registered by Lloyds.


  1. Defibrillator for village

Mrs Baird introduced this item and gave information on what would be required to obtain a defibrillator for the village. She had done an immense amount of research on the various options for the village, including talking to other villages about their experiences and different providers and funding streams. Mrs Baird’s recommendation was that we obtain a package offered by the South West Ambulance Service, which would include a fully automated defibrillator, an external cabinet to house it in, initial and annual training for villagers, maintenance and servicing of equipment, debriefing, in the event of the defibrillator being used, and, finally, comprehensive insurance cover. The cost would be £1800 plus VAT for a four year leasing period.

Mrs Baird had spoken to the Village Hall Committee who would be happy for the defibrillator to be situated at the village hall.

In respect of funding, SHARP had offered a very generous donation and Helen and Paul Baird were intending to host a fund raising event at their house in October.

In order to involve villagers in this initiative Mrs Baird circulated a letter she was intending to distribute around the village in the near future.

The parish council was extremely supportive of this initiative and the chairman thanked Mrs Baird for all her hard work. If the contract were to be between the council and the supplier, the vat could be reclaimed. In addition, the parish council agreed to make up any shortfall in funds, after the Baird’s event and the outcome of an application for a grant to the county councillor.

Mr Hole also offered to donate any income made from the sale of sunflowers he was currently growing.


  1. Play Area report

Mr Fowler advised that the annual inspection had recommended only the swings for replacement; the other equipment passed the inspection, with some minor work needed. He would order the necessary parts for the swings.


  1. Transparency Code / village website

Recent changes to legislation covering smaller councils, such as Sydling, now require parish councils to publish certain information on a website. This information relates primarily to the council’s finances, as well as the requirement to publish all agendas, minutes and details of councillors. Although the existing village website has some information from the parish council, it is in need of updating and expansion. The clerk advised that the government has set aside some money to help smaller councils either create or develop a website to meet the requirements of the code, but that this money was not yet available.

It was agreed to wait until funding was released and that the council would then apply for enough funding to cover the costs of the changes. Meanwhile, the chairman would speak to a local contact to see if they would be interested in taking on this work.


  1. Request by Village Hall Committee for purchase of additional marquee

The parish council did not feel there was a need to purchase an additional marquee for the village and the village hall committee would be advised accordingly.


  1. Any Other Business
  • Concern was expressed at tractors driving at inappropriately high speeds through the village. Contractors should be reminded to consider the safety of other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, as well as children playing in the village.


  • The clerk was asked to write to remind DCC about the work to the stripped area of the Dorchester Road, that was due to be undertaken in August.


  • Mr Hole reported that there had been some lamb rustling at Langford Farm and that if members of the public saw any vans or unusual activity in the area that they should telephone the police immediately.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the parish council will be held on Monday 29 September 2015, at 7.00pm, in the village hall.


SYDLING & DISTRICT GARDEN SOCIETY – report & meeting 8th September next.


Unfortunately the change in summery weather pattern on Tuesday 14 July coincided with the Society’s annual Garden Party. As the drizzle and breeze continued during the afternoon, the decision was made to change the venue from The Old Vicarage to the Village Hall. Nonetheless, we had a most enjoyable evening.

After most welcome drinks of Sangria (it rains in Spain as well!) the weather improved sufficiently enough for . . . → READ MORE: SYDLING & DISTRICT GARDEN SOCIETY – report & meeting 8th September next.