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Sydling Fun Run

Sunday morning September 28th will be our 10th Fun Run to raise money for our Village Church.  Full details are included in the poster below.

The Entry Form (and Sponsorship Form if required) cannot be filled in on-line.  To print it,  Right Click the image and then select Print Image.

Alternatively, an image can be copied, pasted into, say, Word,  (resize if  necessary to fit an A4 page) and printed.

Bring the completed Form(s) on the day.

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SYDLING ST NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL – Minutes of the meeting 28th July 2014



Minutes of the meeting held on 28 July 2014

 Members present: Mr C Legg (Chairman), Mrs P Davies, Mr C Fowler, Mr M Hole, Mrs L Percy, Mrs D Tucker.

There were 3 members of the public present.

The meeting commenced with an update on the Graham’s Yard proposed development by Simon Coles,  Director at WYG, who have recently been appointed by the Graham family to prepare a detailed planning application for the site. The company would be working closely with a firm of architects, Gillespie Yunnie.

Mr Coles explained that, although WYG had access to records of the work undertaken by the previous consultant, his company would look at the site with ‘a fresh pair of eyes’.  The first tasks would be to undertake a character assessment of the village and the site potential for vehicles.  Account would be taken of villagers’ past views as part of the overall planning and design of the site during the initial stages.  Following discussions with West Dorset District Council over policy and technical issues, WYG would then make a formal presentation to the parish council and undertake consultations with the village as a whole.  Mr Coles hoped this would take place during September / October 2014.

A planning application would then be submitted to West Dorset District Council.


During the Democratic Half Hour the poor state of signposts to the village was raised. It was agreed they created a bad initial impression upon visitors to the village.  One of the signposts had been damaged and was now missing.  It was agreed the clerk would make enquiries with Dorset County Council about replacing these signs and speak to Frampton parish council about the feasibility of moving one of the signs within their parish to a safer location.


1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Mr D Wareham.

Mrs M Penfold, district councillor, sent her apologies and a brief report, stating that the flooding problems under the viaduct at Stratton had now been resolved.  She also wished to inform the meeting that consultations were now being undertaken on the latest plans for the proposed Charles Street development in Dorchester.  Comments form the Parish Council and members of the public would be most welcome.


  1. Declarations of interest

There were no declarations of interest


  1. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meetings held on19/5/14 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

  1. Matters arising from the minutes

(item 9) Emma Spurgin, co-ordinator of the Dorset Country Car Scheme, had advised the clerk that DCC had agreed to continue to support the scheme financially for the time being.  Consequently, the parish council’s agreed contribution would not now be needed.


5. Graham’s Yard proposed development

This item was covered at the beginning of the meeting.


6. Boules Pitch

A number of quotations had been received to restore the boules pitch area to grass.  Subject to the clerk making enquiries with WDDC, the work would be given to the cheapest provider.


7. Environment Agency visit

Arrangements had been made for the Environment Agency to visit the village on Thursday, 21/8/14, between 3.30pm and 6.30pm at the village hall.  The purpose of the visit is to provide information and advice to riparian owners and others who have an interest in the water ways that run through the village.


8. Replacement bench for the green

Agreement was reached on a suitable bench for the Green. The clerk would obtain the best price possible and arrange for order and delivery.


9. Planning matters

9.1 Solar park proposal, land adjacent to Southern Counties

Although the parish council had previously commented on the planning application, WDDC had put the consultations on hold, subject to the receipt of an Environment Statement.  This has now been provided and the closing date for consultation was now 16/8/14.  In view of the fact that the whole statement is over 1200 pages long, it was agreed a separate meeting would be held to discuss this application, in due course.

9.2 Dealing with responses to planning applications

It was agreed that all applications subject to consultation, should be dealt with at a meeting of the parish council, including those of a minor nature.  This would ensure that a discussion could take place amongst councillors, before reaching a decision.


10. Play area report

It was agreed to defer this matter to the next meeting of the council, when there would be more time to discuss the recommendations.


11. Finance

11.1 Bank balances

  • Treasurer’s account: £7185.42 (9/7/14)
  • Business account: £224.02
  • Play area account: £826.59


SYDLING CHURCH FETE – 12th July 2014

We had fine warm weather, an abundance of goodwill and loads of visitors again this year for our Fete!

The result – a very fine increase in the money we were able to collect.

The total from the stalls, gate collection and some exceedingly generous donations came to – £2722.02!!

A very grateful thanks to everyone who gave of their time and effort to make it a success.

Thank you.




A meeting of the above will be held in Sydling St Nicholas village hall on

Monday, 28 July 2014, at 7.00pm.

At the start of the meeting Simon Coles from WYG will be present to give a verbal

update on the Graham’s Yard proposed development .

This will be followed by the Democratic Half Hour.


1. Apologies for absence

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Minutes of last meeting (19/5/14)

4. Matters arising from the minutes

5. Graham’s Yard proposed development

6. Boules Pitch

7. Environment Agency visit

8. Replacement bench for the Green

9. Planning Matters

9.1 Solar park proposal, land adjacent to Southern Counties

9.2 Dealing with responses to Planning Applications

10. Play Area report

11. Finance

11.1 Bank balances

11.2 Invoices and receipts

12. Correspondence

13. Any Other Business

14. Date of next meeting


Marathon Barn Dance & Supper

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