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Church Fete – Fun Dog Show Details

Fun Dog Show details for Chalk Stream


Church Fete July 9th

Village Fete Colour Poster 2016

Sydling Open Gardens Event

What two great Open Garden days we had!  The sun shone and despite the wet cold spring, the gardens were looking good.  Numbers this year were 423 plus children and we made a profit of over £3000, excellent for our small village.  Sydling Village Hall Management Committee would like to thank all those people doing essential jobs before the event and on the day and also, of course, special thanks must go to all the gardeners.  Many visitors said how much they enjoyed and appreciated your hard work.  We also thank Nectar Plants for providing additional items for the plant stall marquee which helped make the display very impressive and, no doubt, boosted sales.

Next year’s event (2017) will be on the spring bank holiday Sunday and Monday – 28th and 29th May.

For those who were unable to get round the gardens, the short video below will give a flavour of the event (apologies to those whose garden is not included


Sydling’s Duck Race

The Duck Race event raised over £600 – a great result.  A short (5min) video showing some snapshots of the event is available below.  This video is published on, and linked to, YouTube and at the end You Tube show other video choices which you can easily disregard by not clicking on them!

For best results, after selecting the play symbol, select the YouTube link at the bottom of the video image.  This will take you directly to You tube where you can select a full screen image.


Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration

On April 21st a good crowd of villagers, by various means, went up to Eastfield Hill to light a bonfire to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. The following 5min video tries to capture the essence of the event.