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The first meeting held of the newly constituted Society was held at Sydling village hall on Tuesday 14 April 2015 and was attended by 25 members with apologies being received from Nick and Jenny Hopkin.


Phil Phillips welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed appreciation for the support shown.  He explained that although Jenny had made huge progress in a short space of time in putting together a programme, it had not been possible to arrange a speaker for that evening.  This offered the opportunity to go through the programme and to find out what members might want from their Society.  He thanked Suzanne Legg (refreshment organiser) and Jane Warren (raffle) and Catherine Hodgson (Church Fete and Open Gardens) for kindly volunteering to complete the Committee. Although time had been short, membership cards had been printed and these were distributed by the treasurer (Angela Shaw) as appropriate.  Membership cards for those who had not been able to attend the meeting, would be available from the treasurer (01300 341593).


Members were also reminded that the May meeting would take the form of the annual Gold Club visit to Castle Gardens at Sherborne at which would be open exclusively to the Society on Thursday (please note day) 14 May at

6-45 pm and would include a talk by a senior staff member at 7-00 pm; this would be followed by freedom to purchase full priced goods a 25% discount to members only (membership card required).  As a special bonus, there would be a second opportunity with similar benefits to members at Poundbury Garden Centre on Saturday 11 July at 6-30pm.  Other offerings from the Gardens Group included  free Knitting and Craft club at Brimsmore Gardens from 10-00am to 12-30pm each Thursday throughout the summer season, a Summer Party (£15.00 per head) at the Sherborne centre walled garden, with ‘Pimms and Nibbles’, plus a performance of IOLANTHE  by a travelling open air theatre group (Illyria) on 28 July and three ‘Hawk and Falcon’ days between 10 am and 4 pm at Brimsmore, Poundbury and Castle Gardens on 24, 25 and 26 August respectively.


Members were also requested to let Jenny Hopkin know (see proforma below) if they wished to attend the visit to Broomhill Gardens at Rampisham on Wednesday 10 June at 6-00pm (£5.00 per head)





I wish to attend the evening visit to Broomhill Gardens, Rampisham on Wednesday 10 June at 6-00pm.


Name………………………..   Number of places required……………..




SYDLING ST NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL – Tuesday, 28 April 2015, at 7.00pm



A meeting of the above will be held in Sydling St Nicholas village hall on

Tuesday, 28 April 2015, at 7.00pm.

The meeting will begin with a democratic half hour.



  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of Interest
  3. The following planning application will be discussed with a view to making a response to WDDC:

WD/D/15/000578 Dollens Farm: construction of straw barn and installation of 80 solar panels to an existing barn



Note: Any other applications received for consultation before the above date will also be discussed at the meeting.  Details of all planning applications may be viewed at the “Dorset For You” website.





SYDLING ST NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL – Minutes of the meeting held on 16 March 2015


 Minutes of the meeting held on 16 March 2015


Members Present: Mr C Legg (Chairman), Mr D Wareham (Vice Chairman), Mr C Fowler, Mr M Hole, Mrs L Percy, Mrs D Tucker

There were 10 members of the public present as well as district councillor, Mrs Mary Penfold.

During the democratic half hour Mr Madgwick raised a number of issues: due to his concern about the deteriorating state of the tithe barn and its lack of protection from the elements over the winter, he had been in touch with both English Heritage and WDDC.  Although English Heritage expressed their concern they advised that it was WDDC who held the power to take action.  The chairman commented that this matter had been raised by another member of the public at a previous parish council meeting and he would speak to the owner of the barn about it.

Mr Madgwick advised that he believed DCC’s Highways department had now responded regarding the Sherrins Farm application.  With regard to the planning application for 3b Dorchester Road, he informed the meeting that he would not be involved with this, as he was a friend of the applicant.


Following enquiries from a number of villagers, Mrs Penfold had contacted WDDC’s planning department as to when a decision might be made regarding the Sherrins Farm application.  She had received a message explaining that discussions were still taking place with the applicants concerning the mix of housing types, particularly the preponderance of 4 / 5 bedroom properties, and the character of the development.

The main issue discussed during the democratic half hour was the planning application for 3b Dorchester Road.  Mr Grieve advised that he had applied for a tree protection order to be placed on the trees immediately to the south of the applicants’ property.  This was because he was concerned that any development of the site, or parking of vehicles in close proximity to the trees, would have a detrimental affect upon those trees.

There was a general discussion about the application and the applicants themselves answered a number of questions from other members of the public.  One of the main areas of concern raised at the meeting related to the slightly enlarged footprint of the proposal and the addition of another floor to the extension on the north side of the property.  The applicants responded that at the pre-planning stage, the planning officer felt that this change would actually result in a more balanced appearance than the building has at present.  The other main issue raised was the potential risk of accidents if up to three cars were to be parked on the public highway in front of the houses, as suggested in the application.  Comments were made that this location was particularly dangerous, as it was on a corner.


  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Mrs P Davies.


  1. Declarations of interest

Mr Fowler stated that he would not participate in Item 7.1 of the agenda (planning application for 3b Dorchester Road), as he was a friend of the applicants.

  1. Minutes of meetings held on 19/1/15, 19/215 and 2/2/15

The minutes were approved and signed by the chairman.


  1. Matters arising from the minutes

(item 4). The clerk would chase DCC for a response regarding the stripping of the Dorchester Road.


  1. Finance

5.1 Bank balances

Treasurer’s account: £7098

Play area account: £1323

5.2 Invoices and receipts

The following cheques were signed at the meeting:

  • clerk’s salary: £00
  • village hall hire: £00
  • shaping / pruning of Cross Tree: £00


  1. Play Area Painting

The clerk had obtained another quote for the painting of the play area and was awaiting one more.


  1. Planning matters

7.1 WD/D/15/000104, 3b Dorchester Road

Members felt their main concern regarding this application was the issue of parking in front of the property.  There is no speed limit in the village and the property is on a bend.  Consequently, any parking on the road at this location would pose a safety risk to all road users.  In addition, although up to three of the proposed parking spaces were planned to be located on the public highway, it could not be ensured that these would be available for the occupants.  Other than this, there were no objections to the development of the building itself and the clerk was asked to respond to WDDC accordingly.


  1. Correspondence

8.1 A letter had been received expressing concern at the amount of dog fouling around the village and suggesting a new campaign be started to discourage such anti-social behaviour.  Members were most sympathetic to this complaint and the clerk will contact the dog warden to seek any suggestions, including the possibility of the use of cctv cameras, as it had been found that notices placed around the village seemed to have little effect.

8.2 The clerk had received notification and information about parish council elections, which will take place on 7 May 2015.  The notice of election had been placed in the bus shelter.

8.3 The clerk had received a response to her letter to the village hall committee, regarding charges for mowing the grass around the village hall.  It was resolved that there should be no further action.


  1. Any other business

Mr Fowler had made further enquiries regarding replacement of the swing in the play area.  He had been to view the play area in Cattistock, for which a company called Eibe had provided the equipment.  He had asked Eibe for a quotation for a replacement swing and associated groundworks