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SHARP Committee for 2014

SHARP Committee for Web Page

SHARP’s Fundraising for 2013

SHARP Fundraising for 2013

Results of SHARP’s Coffee Morning

Results of Coffee Morning

SHARP’s Annual Report

SHARP  -  Sydling Help and Relief Project

This report provides a brief update of SHARP’s activities over the last 22 years and its recent fundraising endeavours

Since its inauguration in 1991, SHARP has helped 24 charitable causes and through the generosity of local support has raised over £26,000. Altogether 71 fundraising events have been held.

The Committee currently comprises:

Liz Adams, Claire Birch (Secretary), Bill and Jill Cleveland, Penny Cordy, Jo and Richard Cropp, Zoe Green, David Grieve, Graham Millard and Pam Walden (Treasurer)

Fundraising support during 2012.

Proceeds during last year (£1702 altogether) were shared between our local charity Home Start West Dorset which helps local families having temporary crises, and the excellent overseas charity, Practical Action.  Those funds were specifically targeted to a major project entitled ‘Hitting Hunger Hard’ in Sudan where 90% of the population (33 million) struggle to survive each day of the year.  The aim of that particular project, based in Kassala, is to strengthen the livelihood of tens of thousands of families by skill-sharing, improving nutritional needs, income generation and resilience to their poverty.

Fundraising for 2013

For the current year, our overseas charity is Riders for Health.  Every year 8.8 million children under the age of 5 in the developing world die from preventable or treatable diseases.  Across Africa this charity is mobilising hundreds of health workers to reach people living in remote communities scattered across hundreds of miles of inhospitable terrain.  In those areas one health worker can be responsible for about 20,000 people.  ‘Riders’ ensures that health care can be delivered by running a zero breakdown transport system.  Local men and women are employed as drivers and mechanics.  Outreach workers can contact over seven times more people by having a motorcycle for their work.  £10 can provide 25 families with a year of health care visits; £20 can help train a worker in essential bike maintenance.  Countries operating this scheme include Gambia and Kenya.

This year’s local charity is the Dorset Branch of the Alzheimer’s Society, based at Rowan Cottage Dorchester.  The Society is the UK’s leading care and research charity for people living with dementia and those who care for them.  There are now 750,000 people with dementia in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over one million by 2021.  The Society is a membership organisation, allowing members to have a say on how it should be run and developed.  Their Support Services include memory cafes, specialist help for people with early onset of the illness, home visits, peer support groups and ‘Singing for the Brain’ Groups.

SHARP’s programme of fundraising activities for 2013:

Big Breakfast  -  This was held January and raised £473
Safari Supper  -  May 11th   (proceeds to be shared with the ‘HAGS’ Fundraising team)
Autumn Quiz  -  Friday October 18th   in the Village Hall
Christmas Coffee Morning  -  Saturday morning December   14th
Book Sales  -  There are also ongoing proceeds from selling copies of the   Sydling Book.  Altogether since 2006   the profit from selling this book has now reached £1365.

Support for International Appeals:

Occasionally, SHARP sends a donation towards an International Appeal.  Earlier this year we sent £100 towards the OXFAM Syrian Refugee Appeal.

Many thanks for the generous support for SHARP which villagers continue to provide.

Graham Millard, on behalf of SHARP,  May 2013

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