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Sydling Village Fete on July 9th 2016

Sydling Church Fete on July 9th was a great success and raised £2,258 (a 17% increase on last year).  The weather stayed dry but was rather breezy at times.  The new Dog Show proved very popular and the parade of the vintage vehicles made a great start to the event.  The short video (4 min) linked below to YouTube gives a few snapshots of the event.  Not every stall, game or facility is covered so apologies to those who have been missed out.

If the full screen display on the bottom right of the video does not work, go directly to YouTube and  Type ‘Sydling Village Fete’.

YouTube will probably add other so-called related videos at the end but you don’t have to watch them of course!!




SHARP’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Sharp logo final 1

Since its inauguration 25 years ago in January 1991, Sydling Help and Relief Project (SHARP) has, with the generosity of the villagers (and increasing so now from outside the village with the marathon and quiz night events) raised over £35,000 for local and overseas charities.  To mark the 25 years the Committee decided to have a celebratory party.  So on Tuesday July 5th a good number of past and present members and their partners (many of whom had been involved in SHARP activities) enjoyed a get-together in the village hall marquee.

Over the years some members have passed away and some have moved away.  Associate Member Tony Briggs, who was chair for 8 years up to 2006, and his wife, Joy, who now live in Shropshire regretted they were unable to attend.  They sent a lovely card wishing us well and to say they would be thinking of us.

On arrival, guests were offered fizz and canapes followed by a main course, then pudding and finally a cake cutting ceremony by Associate Members, Margaret Dallas and Graham Millard.  Graham has only recently retired from the SHARP Committee after 25 years service, which included being Chairman for 11 years.  Margaret was Chairman for 3 years at the beginning of SHARP.

At the start of the evening Richard Cropp gave a short welcome and reminded us of how things started 25 years ago.

The beginnings of SHARP go back to a steering group that met on Jan 4th 1991.  The minutes of that meeting states that those present were Margaret Dallas, Jayne Hanson, Sonia Newman, Graham Millard, Richard Cropp, Nigel Weller and Eileen Churchill (both no longer with us).

Margaret Dallas became the first Chairman of the Group and Graham, Secretary and Treasurer.  Derek Ringrose took over from Graham as Treasurer in Sept 1991.  Futhey Naughalty joined the Committee in Jan 1992 and Jacquie Williams joined in July 1992.  That was the make up in the early days.

Several possible names for the Group were put forward and Sonia Newman’s suggestion of SHARP (Sydling Help and Relief Project) was agreed at the meeting held on May 22nd 1991 and a simple Logo was designed by Jonathan Alder.  We now have a new colourful logo kindly designed by committee member David and Joan Grieve’s granddaughter.

World Vision was chosen as our first overseas charity.  The following year at the SHARP meeting of 17th November 1992 it was decided to also support a local charity and this was chosen to be the Joseph Weld Hospice (now Weldmar) and to allocate our funds to a specific project as a small memorial to Nigel Weller, a founder member of SHARP, who had died of cancer.

Some facts and figures of present and past committee members, money raised, charities supported and the new logo were shown on a display board.

The evening was a great occasion.  The weather was kind to us and all the food, drinks, chocolates etc. which was provided by current SHARP Committee members was much appreciated.

The yummy cake, with an impossibly high chocolate content, was made by Zoe

Cutting the cake 1

















                                 Graham and Margaret cutting the cake

.photo montage


Marathon Weekend Event

The Marathon Event Weekend was a terrific success.  White Star Running, as usual, had organised the event superbly and various village organisations provided excellent support.  There were nearly 400 runners in the Marathon; over 100 in the Hill Race and about 230 took part in the Cow Bell Race on the Sunday (this was to support the Church Bell Fund).  The visitors felt welcomed by villagers which contributed immensely to the lovely atmosphere.

Of course, this event is of great advantage to the village as a whole bringing in, as it does, money from outside to benefit the various organisations. 

Well done everybody.  It’s hard work but worth it.

The video below tries to give a few snapshots of the event to attempt to capture the spirit of the occasion.  To put this 3-day event into a 7min video means that some items are glossed over or missed out altogether.  Apologies for that.

NOTE:  For a larger picture, click on YouTube at the bottom right of the display.  At the end of the video YouTube displays other videos associated with Marathons – one of these might include a video of the Bell Race.  Another of the marathon.



Christmas church services

IMG_0871Come and join us at our Christmas services
Sunday 20 December 6.30pm: Carols by candlelight
Thursday 24 December 10.30pm: Christmas Eve Holy Communion
Friday 25 December 10.30am: Christmas Day Family service with nativity tableau. Children bring your favourite presents to show to us.

Photo courtesy of Shell Elson

SYDLING ST NICHOLAS PARISH COUNCIL – Minutes of meeting on 30 November 2015



 Members Present: Mr C Legg (Chairman), Mrs P Davies (Vice Chairman), Mr C Fowler, Mrs D Tucker

County councillor, Mrs J Haynes, district councillor, Mrs M Penfold and Mrs H Baird were also present.

Mrs Haynes gave a summary of some of the major developments for the County Council. Due to a budget reduction and increasing costs for children in care, the council was undertaking a review of the Youth Service, including youth clubs.  These were currently underused and it was felt that it would be more effective to place youth workers within schools, as well as taking other initiatives that would be a more productive use of money.

Mrs Haynes also referred to the shortage of care workers for older people, which meant that there were severe delays in discharging people from hospital, who required assistance at home. The council was looking at ways in which more people could be attracted into care work, including providing a career path for school leavers.

Finally, Mrs Haynes explained that work was ongoing with other local authorities within the county of Dorset to see if services could be provided more efficiently and effectively through more joint working arrangements.

Mrs Penfold advised the meeting that the district council had received a grant of £1.5 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the costs of the Shire Hall refurbishments. Once the work is completed the visitor attraction will be operated by a trust.

Mrs Baird attended the meeting to give an update on the defibrillator. She said that it had now arrived and would shortly be installed outside the village hall, just to the right of the bench.  A training session had been arranged for 2.00pm on Saturday, 12 December, which anyone was welcome to attend.  The parish councillors voiced their appreciation for all the hard work undertaken by the Bairds.  Including a donation from Sharp, the fund now stood at nearly £4,000, which would more than cover the cost of the equipment and associated training and would provide for a replacement in four years time.

Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Mrs Letten.

 Declarations of interest

There were no declarations of interest.

 Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 21/9/15 were agreed subject to the inclusion of an item under Any Other Business regarding the necessity of clearing the river in East Street.

 Matters arising from the minutes

(item 4) Discussions were ongoing with regard to cutting the hedge adjacent to the play area.

(item 4) Village website: the clerk was asked to arrange a meeting with interested parties to move this matter forward.

(item 6) Telephone box: the clerk had contacted BT who agreed to paint the telephone box next year.

  1. Finance

5.1 Bank balances

Treasurers Account (including £3790 for defibrillator account): £13763

Play Area account: £689

5.2 Invoices and receipts

Cheques for the following were signed at the meeting:

  • mower petrol: £47
  • hire of village hall: £00

5.3 Budget 2016/17

A spreadsheet showing income and expenditure for 2015/16 and projected spend for 2016/17 had previously been circulated. Following some discussion, it was agreed to keep the precept at the same level as this year, for 2016/17.

Whilst discussing any required repairs or projects for next year, it was agreed some money should be set aside for the provision of some picnic benches and suitable hardstanding within the Spinney.


  1. Planning matters

6.1 WD/CA/15/00361, 1 Burnt Barn: fell 1 field maple. The council was advised that this application had been withdrawn.

6.2 WD/D/15/002517, 24, Three Acres: replace conservatory with extension.  No objection.


  1. Any other business

7.1 The grit bin going up the hill towards the A37 had recently been damaged by the council, whilst trimming the verges. The clerk was asked to contact the council to seek compensation for a replacement bin.

7.2 There had been a number of complaints about excessive mud being deposited on the Dorchester Road by farm vehicles. The chairman would speak to those responsible.

7.3 Large sign at Marrs Cross inscribed ‘Sydling”. It was not known the purpose of this new sign and who had erected it.  The chairman agreed to make enquiries.

7.4 It was noted the pothole in the High Street outside Palmers Cottage had still not been filled. The clerk was asked to follow this up with the council.

 Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the parish council will be held on Monday 1 February 2016, at 7.00pm, in the village hall.


Gallery Photos

petrol_pump2 Baaaaaa. Snow goose? dsc_5956