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Letter received from Buckingham Palace

The Parish Council has received the following letter from Buckingham Palace in response to the greeting sent to Her Majesty on the occasion of her 90th birthday.

Sydling Village Fete on July 9th 2016

Sydling Church Fete on July 9th was a great success and raised £2,258 (a 17% increase on last year). The weather stayed dry but was rather breezy at times. The new Dog Show proved very popular and the parade of the vintage vehicles made a great start to the event. The short video (4 min) linked below to YouTube gives a few snapshots of the event. Not every stall, game or facility is covered so . . . → READ MORE: Sydling Village Fete on July 9th 2016

SHARP’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Since its inauguration 25 years ago in January 1991, Sydling Help and Relief Project (SHARP) has, with the generosity of the villagers (and increasing so now from outside the village with the marathon and quiz night events) raised over £35,000 for local and overseas charities. To mark the 25 years the Committee decided to have a celebratory party. So on Tuesday July 5th a good number of past and present members and their partners . . . → READ MORE: SHARP’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Marathon Weekend Event

The Marathon Event Weekend was a terrific success. White Star Running, as usual, had organised the event superbly and various village organisations provided excellent support. There were nearly 400 runners in the Marathon; over 100 in the Hill Race and about 230 took part in the Cow Bell Race on the Sunday (this was to support the Church Bell Fund). The visitors felt welcomed by villagers which contributed immensely to the lovely atmosphere.

Of course, . . . → READ MORE: Marathon Weekend Event

Christmas church services

Come and join us at our Christmas services Sunday 20 December 6.30pm: Carols by candlelight Thursday 24 December 10.30pm: Christmas Eve Holy Communion Friday 25 December 10.30am: Christmas Day Family service with nativity tableau. Children bring your favourite presents to show to us.

Photo courtesy of Shell Elson