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Agenda for Parish Council Meeting on Monday 14th November 2016


                                 (Parish Council Meeting)

07419 136735

 The next Parish Council meeting is Monday 14th November starting at 7pm


C. Legg, P. Davies, C. Fowler, D. Tucker, M. Hole, A. Newman, V. Letten


1.         Apologies for absence

2.         Declarations of pecuniary and other interests

3.         Minutes of previous meeting 03rd October 2016

4.         Update from the Chairman

5.         Democratic discussion period

6.         To receive reports from the County & District Councillors

7.         Issues arising from the last meeting  

8.         Correspondence requiring discussion or action

9.         Update on the website

10.       Update on the winter festival 2017

11.       Risk assessment for the Village green and The Spinney

12.       Update on the river maintenance day

13.       Removal of the hedge on the village

14.       Removal of the original fence and wire on the Village Green

15.       Purchase of new benches for The Spinney

16.       Works on the Village Green and The Spinney

17.       Old garage at the clay pigeon

18.       Tree discussion

19.       Winter planning

            a.         Flood

            b.         Ice

            c.         Snow

20.       Planning update

21.       Footpath and environment matters

22.       Play park update

23.       Finance

            a.         Bank balances (summary for 2016/17 attached)

            b.         Invoices and receipts

            c.         Cheques for authorization and approval

24.       Allocation of general reserves to specific purpose funds

25.       To set the Precept for 2017/18

26.       Items for the next meeting

27.       Date of next meeting  



Wayne Lewin                                      Clerk

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