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Do you shop with Amazon?

Do you buy online from Amazon?

Looking for gift ideas?

Free delivery on orders over £5

Need new tunes for your iPod or MP3 player?

If you regularly buy from Amazon or are just looking for some gift ideas then please take a look at our village shop. Its not just books and CD’s, it pretty much everything from shoes, to greenhouses, to video games, to watches, the list goes on and on.

You can buy the exact same items from our Village Shop from the same supplier at the same price, BUT we earn a small commission, normally 5% which goes towards buying equipment and consumables for the preschool.

Cannot find the perfect gift for somebody, then let them choose for themselves, give them Amazon gift certificates.

Looking for that latest track or a golden oldie from your youth. Amazon MP3 tunes are often cheaper than iTunes and are DRM (Digital Rights Management) Free, meaning you can load them on to as many of your devices as you want.

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