(Last updated September 2021)

Brief History of SHARP

Sydling Help and Relief Project (SHARP) has been raising money for charities since 1991, and up to September 2021 has raised nearly £48.000 for nominated charities.
Normally each year two charities are selected; one local and one overseas. Recent donations have been sent to The Dorchester Opportunity Group (local) which provides a safe, stimulating and caring environment for preschool children with a wide variety of additional needs and support  for their parents, carers and siblings, and the Sreepur Village in Bangladesh (overseas). This charity works with mothers (without male support) and their children to increase their chances of remaining a family by taking a holistic residential approach including livelihood and literacy training.
Money is raised from local village events and the trend in recent years is that a good proportion of our funding is raised by the Sydling Marathon catering, the Village Quiz Night, The Big Breakfast, the Safari Supper and the Christmas Coffee Morning where participants are often visitors from outside the village.