Sydling (Giant's Head) Marathon

(all photos with kind permission of white star running )

Sadly, due to Covid-19, it has been necessary to cancel the marathon until futher notice.

(Updated July 2021)

The Sydling/Giant’s Head Marathon is now well established as a first class “extreme” marathon. Each year places are filled within an hour of opening registration. The partnership between Sydling village and the organisers, White Star Running, has been one of friendship and co-operation and on Marathon Day the atmosphere is buzzing, starting with early breakfast for the hundreds of runners and campers, followed by the race start at 08.30. After running for hours up hill and down dale, around the famous Cerne Abass hillside Giant, the participants arrive back to a BBQ lunch, beer tent and enormous ice creams, followed by an evening barn dance and supper.

Every year comments from the marathon visitors are highly positive with the village’s friendly welcome always coming top of the list.