This website is owned by Sydling St Nicholas parish council and run by people from the village. Our aim is to provide a focal point for information, news and articles relating to the village, contributed by villagers.  We want the site to be as inclusive as possible and if you feel you would like to contribute in any way please use the Contact Us link.

PLEASE NOTE:  During 2019 it is planned to redevelop the Sydling website during the spring and early summer in order to make it more attractive and to add more features etc.   The plan is for the website to continue to run using the WordPress application (but possibly using a different theme which will change the visual presentation).  WordPress is commonly used for writing blogs, but is also very well suited to the needs of a village website.  It enables many people to contribute directly onto the website and allows new features to be easily added and managed.


Below explains the what the some different services and features are and how you can use them. If there is anything else you think would be good to add to the site, ask and we will see what we can do.

Site Login – Register

  • If you register for the site using this link you will become a subscriber. Currently this gives you no additional access, however we hope soon to open up the website so that registered users will be able to comment and discuss articles placed on the site.
  • If you would like to add your own articles onto the site please contact Chris Thompson in person (tel. 341888) or by using the Contact Us menu, and he will arrange to upgrade your access to allow this.

Subscribe by email

  • If you click on this link you will be able to register with a service called feedburner that will email you new articles when they are published on the sydling website.

Subscribe by RSS

  • Shown as “Posts” at the top of the webpage. Allows you to use your browser to link directly to the latest posts on the website. Simply click on the icon and a link is added to your browsers favorites. When you click on the link in your browser you will see a list of the latest posts with the newest at the top.


  • As the name suggests a collection of photographs from in and around Sydling. If you have photos you think other might want to see, then please Contact Us and we will arrange to add them to the album collection.

Social Network Icons

  • This refers to the line of coloured icons you can see below each article. By clicking on one of the (except the leftmost which is a printing app) you can let other people on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious know about the article. If you are a member of a social network not listed, let us know it is easy to add more.

Gallery Photos

greyhound_yard2 phone_box 100_1599 This chap used to tease our cat